Development investment oppotunities


JPR Building & Development also partners with investors to undertake joint venture projects.

The structure arrangment  of our joint ventures, are for JPR to provide 100% of the expertise required to undertake the project, with the joint venture partner being a finance partner.


JPR is responsible for managing all facets of the project, including: entity set-up, initial advice, property identification and negotiation, research, feasibility, project design, liaising with consultants, prosecution of a building and development applications, managing the tender process, overseeing construction, management of the sales process and audit at completion.


There is no additional work required from the joint venture partner; however, they can be involved further if they choose to. Profits are shared. In the unlikely event that the project experiences a loss, this would also be shared.


JPR is involved as a partner, not as a consultant. It is imperative that the joint venture partner be fully committed to the partnership and have the financial capacity to see the project through to completion. JPR only runs a limited number of these projects. Only the best opportunities are selected. By limiting the number of projects JPR can keep tight control over the process and optimise the profitability of each project.