JPR is a young team of passionate property professionals looking to assist other young people to become financially independent and create wealth through property.


JPR has been in the construction industry for over 10 years, as a young team, we take an extremely pro-active approach to property. We work with teams of professionals to produce quality based, residential projects throughout the Sydney, Central coast and Newcastle region.


As an expanding company, JPR is focused on exploring opportunity to produce passive income through property for itself and young investors alike.


As the roots of our company have been within the construction industry, JPRs investment strategy focuses on providing our investors with complete turnkey investment packages from our range of house designs.


This strategy allows us to help young investors create the equity they need to continue building their property portfolio.


As a young building team who invest in property ourselves we understand the importance of having the right team behind you.


If you are interested in creating wealth through property to build a financially free future, your welcome to join us and our highly recommended teams of professionals to start building a healthy property portfolio of your own.